Reality show in Europe!


1st prize: 110.000$
2nd prize: 80.000$
3rd prize: 60.000$

Every applicant will be winner!
After valid registration every applicant will receive a coupon of € 150.

Would you like to earn 110,000$ in 2019 as participiant?  

First time in Europe!

Our reality show is comingand it is going to be HUGE! We are looking for 12 men and 12 women  from every parts of the world, who will live together for 12 weeks. Are you from a different culture and speak a different language? We want YOU! Show the world how you can live together, enjoy life and break through all the barriers. 

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Whom we are looking for?

We are looking for those who want to be members of an international community, who accept and want to immerse themselves in other nation's cultures, traditions, language, gastronomy. Those who want to show off their own culture to the whole world and become popular.
We are looking for 24 faces, from all over the world, to live together for 90 days.

The 24 people come from different cultures and speak different languages yet they can identify with each other's cultures.
If you are over 18, apply for our reality show today!

Show yourself to Europe and the whole world

Show yourself, Europe and the whole world!

Jackpots that the first one brings home:

Prize money, European luxurious flat, car, prize courtesy of the sponsors of You in Europe. TOP 3 will receive cash prizes and perks from our sponsors and TOP 4, 5 and 6 an opportunity to work with our fantastic team. 

We will arrange your visa, provide your working contract! 

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