For this contract, you must be "VIP" membership card holder.

- to individuals, creative thinkers, who
- want to improve their career besides the competitions and discounts
- build the Best partner and club membership
- love to travel
- want to acquire extra income easily (we provide 21% commission after the broadening of our circle of club members and partners)

VIP Club Representative Contract 


Co.Name: European Tourism Club of Malta Ltd.
Registered Office: Unit 14, Long Acres Park, Newchapel Road, Lingfield, RH7 6LE, United Kingdom
Co.Registration No.: 9701420
(hereinafter referred to as: Entrusting)


Name: ............................

Birth Date: ...............................

ID card number: .........................

Address: .....................

ID: ................

(hereinafter referred to as: Agent)


The purpose of this agreement is to determine the terms, conditions, and the commission structure. Agent directly reports to the CEO. The Agent is carrying out his duties in various places (field sales).
Term of Commission

This agreement shall commence validity on the first date of Club membership of the Agent and remains in effect until the termination of membership. Agreement ensures an ongoing nature of the employment.


Agent will receive a sponsor code and a referral link, which will be used to measure his/her performance (Club membership and Partner membership) and rewarded accordingly. With this agreement (VIP agreement) 21% from the amount generated, which will be payed within 10 days from receiving the new member's membership fee. -
 The calculation of the commission can be found in the Los productos incluidos en cada paquete de membresía no son parte de la base de la comisión. Table attached to this agreement.
The size of the commission may be reconsidered according to the Employers Business strategy. Incrementation of the commission depends on the Agent's achievements and performance. This also goes with bonus entitlement.
The commission can not be considered as salary as such as the Job provider will not pay the required contributions towards health or pension. Neither use TAX deductions. It is solely the responsibility of the Agent.

Products included in each membership package are not part of the commission base.

Commission payment

Agent declares that the commission shall be paid onto the following bank account:

Account holder's name: .............................

Bank's name: ......................

SWIFT: ........................

IBAN: ............................

Working hours

The Agent's Working Hours are not defined and are completely flexible. The Agent has the right to decide his own schedule.


The detailed job description of the Agent is incorporated herein by reference. The job description of the Agent may only be modified upon mutual consent. The Agent shall perform all the tasks as assigned by the Job provider.

Compliance with standards
The Agent must respect the Club Rules. The Agent declares that he knows the regulations of the Company (General Terms and Conditions, the Data Privacy Policy of the website and the Club Rules) and considers them binding. The Agent has the obligation to act in accordance with all the rules of ETC.


The Agent shall comply with the Club Rules at all times. Must be aware of the rules of the Company and Club (including but not limited to General Terms and Conditions, Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy related to the websites of the company, Club Rules). By signing this agreement, the Agent declares that he understand and acknowledge the above mentioned binding.

Business Expenses

All the costs of the Agent shall be reimbursed which is incurred in the course of the actions in the name of the Entrusting provided. Such costs shall be approved beforehand by the direct superior of the Agent. The settlement shall take place in accordance with the internal settlement rules of the Entrusting party.


For the purposes of this Contract confidential information shall include all research findings, formulas, production methods, marketing plans and financial agreements. The confidentiality obligation shall survive the termination of the Commission. The detailed confidentiality regulation is attached hereto by reference in the confidentiality agreement.

Either party may terminate the commission within 30 days, with prior written notice stating its case. Job provider may terminate the commission/agreement if the Agent cause willful violation of its obligations arising from the agreement.


Agent shall be fully liable for any damage caused by the willful violation of his/her duties. The burden of proof of the wrongful conduct of the Agent, as well as the presence and the amount of damages, shall rest with the Job provider. In case of unwilling negligent wrongdoing the amount of damages deducted should not be more than 50% of the average monthly commission. Agent shall be fully liable for any willfully caused damages.

Conflict of interest

The Agent agrees not to participate or acquire a stake, in any business either directly or indirectly which is a competitor or supplier of the Job provider during the term of his/her employment, with the exception of shares in publicly traded companies.

Documents and properties

The Agent shall return, upon the request of the job provider, any and all documents including confidential information and all property items which constitutes the property of the job provider.


After the termination of the agreement, for a period of 12 months, the Agent shall not engage in any activity which may violate the justifiable business of the job provider.


Parties agree that the English law shall apply to the current Agreement and to matters not regulated in the Agreement.

Both parties declare that they had read the Agreement and the connected annexes thoroughly before signing the Agreement and they fully understood it. Both parties declare that the current Agreement fully corresponds to their contractual intention and with regard to that they accept the current Agreement with clicking the "Sign the Agreement" button.

Dated: ....................
European Tourism Club of Malta Ltd.
Entrusting Company                                                                                                   ..................