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How to get started in the online club networking maze?

You will see the opportunity to do what you want, to have as much money as you want, to live a life that you want, but...... we should start.


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Get familiar with the programs

Are you sure you know all the details?

Since you`re up on the net, think about it:
How are you doing?
Do you look at everything from the fresh news to the boulvard for fun?
Probably not, because you do not have time. You get into everything. Try a little bit of this, a little bit of that, using fast food methods you can and do something or not. Often you do not click it again.
But not only you do this, but everyone. Your customers are also.
You simply can not build your business, if you are not interesting or informative, it is astonishing to attract attention to yourself. You have to appear from the crowd and you have often only eight seconds for this.
The situation may seem too difficult for the first time, but if you know what to do, you will achieve more results than the old methods.
So there are eight seconds to give information, and preferably you need to get the visitor access, since the name list extension is the goal.
The information can be conveyed by a blog or Facebook post, image, video. It can be anything. But collecting contact information is the responsibility of the receiving site.
For example, you are receiving a page like this you see below.

If you want to build a business, it`s time to look at business networking. You want to sell, so think about selling. The problem is that you do not know your target group yet.

Do you know, there are a lot of people on the Internet looking for a solution to their problems?

But a lot of people are browsing the Internet for money makeing. You should catch their attention before they will surfing to another page

How can I solve it to make it easier to do business? How do I get more interested in the business?

The answer is automation. What you can do is set up in a system that works for you.

In this case, club networking can do two things:

As the squirrel in the spin wheel is spinning and spinning ...
It starts looking for solutions, but how can things be made simpler ...

Or there are a computers with Internet: Google, Facebook, etc...

You know, for whom you want to sell and now just how to go. This will help you with this free ADD USER in the 'My Office' menu on main page.

Here's the great opportunity to find the people who really need to deal with. That's why you have to focus on the market because the rest will only carry your energy and money.

Who can me help with my product, my service?

What is the main value of the product and service in the eyes of the customers?

Of course you could list the questions, but you can still add them. Moreover, the more questions you ask, the better you become acquainted with your market.

Online marketing methods allow you to reach more people than physically. Every day for thousands of people, if you want!

Handle the online world as a tool.
It's not a goal, it's a tool. It's a tool like a screwdriver in the locksmith's hands.

Only reach those you can effectively communicate with. Here, I can help you: to be effective and to be successful.

Know WHY

Tell me that you are also looking for money, but after a while you realize that there are many things that will mean far more than just money. You will have to dig deeper in yourself to find it. Sometimes it will be painful, but believe liberating when you find it.


Define a target group you can call and call them! The narrower the better because you can talk to them personally. You will feel like you are talking to them. And you will really talk to them. But only if you know them. You know their problems and their thoughts. Believe it will be very good in terms of money, as it does not have to be advertised to everyone in the world!

Be authentic!

Online club networking is also about building your own brand. It is based on trust. If you play it, it is very difficult to recover. You know the bad news is spreading rapidly. Especially on the Internet.

Be human!

People know that you are now saying a business offer, but if you do not show who you are, they will never buy you. You will simply be a jeweler who always recommends better than better stores, but nothing else. There's a lot to find on Facebook. The business of the century is now starting and will be super ... I understand and many people understand, but people are joining people. Assume that you are behind the company. The one you care about is coming

First to give

This world - no matter how much you want to deny it - is spiritual. It is primarily spiritual. The Universe is a cycle. What you will give you will be returned sooner or later. Be good or bad. Online marketing is also such. If you give people valuable things, advice, ideas, inspiration from which they can dive on everyday life, please believe they will join you.Zig Ziglar said that

You can get whatever you want in life, if you can help others to get what they want.

Let's go a little bit to the technical one.

When a candidate or an inquiring first meets you in the internet world has 8 seconds to convince you that you have to choose. You have to do a miracle in that time. The first impression is important here. It's the truth.
If you see the same everywhere in the fraction of 8 seconds you decide - or you're against you.
Do you feel you have to be effective here?
But do not be afraid, there are many tiny things you can to help the visitor and you will achieve results, much better than the offline methods.
Within 8 seconds these questions are raised by an interested person:
Interesting? (0-3 seconds)
Useful? (3-8 seconds)
The time after 8 seconds is to make a decision.
If the first 8 seconds are successful, for your business, you will be given the availability that a receiving site will be the most perfect solution.

Lets see. While other cards provide discounts only in a certain territory, country or city, the Best Card supports its members with special offers on a worldwide scale!
Get the latest card, which is also a club membership and discount card. The Best Card offer its holder comprehensive Best Club membership, opportunity to play for valuable prizes, and special promotions offered by companies participating in our programme.
For example, you can take an advantage of our instant discount system with your Best Card and receive 5 - 50% at the points of acceptance of your choice!
You can use your Best Card in any area of your life.
Fitness, travel, accommodations, garments, delicacies,... We have developed our card in a complex manner, constantly improving and accepting new partners and points of acceptance. We are looking for all Businesses to join our system. Regardless of what sector or area they operate in.
We provide an easy to use online card control system, through which you can easily check the validity of the Best Cards.
Your card will be an e-type card, present in your smart phone and on line as well.
Basically, convenient everywhere you go!

We seek points of acceptance for our Club members. Only one BEST campaign earned an excess of USD 200 million in Global Publicity Value in 196 countries and 330,000 participants. With all competitions lined up, we aim to surpass those numbers and seek to build a truly Global network of loyal members.
We strongly believe our efforts would achieve:
- Strengthening our Partners market share
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- Build loyal customer base
- Meet the target audience
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Should you choose to partner with us, we are confident, that your Brand, products and services become world renowned and remembered for many years to come.
We look forward to our future cooperation, sharing the road towards success.
Your ETC team

Dear Business Partners!

We like to shop and we like to shop a lot! We believe it brings joy when we make smart decisions and save money on every purchase, so we can buy even more stuff!
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Most importantly, you have to be on a path of development.

Try it, use it, test it if something goes wrong, but never give it up just because the first steps are difficult.