The predecessor of the Best Job in Europe was the twice aired Best Job in the World that was launched by the Australian Bureau of Tourism in 2009. The initiative raised $200 million in Global Publicity Value. More than 330,000 people from 196 countries expressed their interest in these dream jobs with more than 40,000 video entries uploaded.

Ancestor of the Best Job in Europe program

The Ancestor of Best Job in Europe program was the Best Job in the World, Australia, which program organized two times by organization of Tourism Australia. In 2009, a during of second campaign more than 330.000 member applied to advertised jobs. They uploaded 40.000 video from 196 countries of world.

The Best Job in Europe NOW

In line with the EU tourism objectives the European Tourism Club decided to kickstart the Best Job in Europe 2016-2017 where we will open three dream job positions:

  • Chief Funster
  • Lead Photographer
  • Lead Adventurer

Their and our aim will be to promote European tourism and businesses (via photos, video diary and blogs), highlight the best places to stay at, see and visit. Introduce the best activities and events (Day and Night) in a never seen before format across 26 destinations.

We believe, our efforts would strengthen our partner's market share and open new doors on a Global tourism scale. Should you choose to partner with us, we will guarantee, that your Brand, products and services will become world renowned and remembered for many years to come.

The applicants have to upload a picture and a video of themselves, and then will be shortlisted through public voting at our website. Winners will be decided from TOP10 applicants. Chief Funster would earn $110,000 plus all the supplies imaginable and travel expenses covered. Other two winners will earn $70,000 plus the same benefits.

For this, we are expecting to start a mass wave entering our club, where people will not only create a truly global community but also chat, make business, date, travel, and compete for great prizes in many other competitions we have created for them.

All that is BEST

We work tirelessly to attract everyone from all walks of life. Below, you can find a brief descriptions of all the programs we have lined up for 2016 - 2020


Do not have to come from the model agencies. We want to share natural beauties and individuals that stand out in their own special way. Winners will have the the chance to star in our commercials, get a shot at prominent model agencies and receive great prizes.


No catwalk experience needed. We seek the real fashionists, male and female. The competition is designed for Models and Designers as well. Who will have the chance to win great prizes and create their own brand.


Is an international reality show in Europe, where 12 men and 12 women, who are from different countries and cultures have to find the way to live together for the next 12 weeks while facing challenges and competitions.


Create your own category and show what are you best at or join one of the listed competitions in this program. The more creative the better and the winners will be decided upon public votes. People can apply with photos that will be displayed in our gallery where people can cast their votes.


Competition designed for pairs, groups and solo artists, where they can promote their favorite moves. Every style is accepted from ballroom to street dance.


Page specially created for children to learn of each other's diverse cultures, customs, languages and create a strong global foundation for a community. Great competitions with great prizes where parents, schoolmates, classes, teachers, even a whole school can be involved.


Unique, and totally different from other dating applications that will soon be launched at our site. Apart from finding the one, our members will also have the chance to find travel companions and the best destinations to go to. Please where new relationships become truly memorable.


An internationally discounted e-card.

If the above competitions would not build enough attraction, the international discount program definitely would. Continuously acquiring new points of acceptance provides a unique benefit on the context of the global membership.

In the "Partner Search" Best Card members can easily find the locations of our partners and look for unique discounts between 5-50%. All you/they have to do as our club member, is to download the electronic card in the smartphone and present it at the points of acceptance.

Not only the membership and the Best card will connect people but the competitions as well. The global community will ensure that the Card will be accepted anywhere our club members will go.

We want to make the application as simple as possible and available for everyone. Hence our Basic membership starts from € 99 / year. An affordable price providing great value.


Why is our Club membership attractive? Don't take our word for it, check what our members say:

Julio (29 years old)

I love traveling, discovering new destinations and be a part of a young also fun loving community. It is always good to belong somewhere, especially in a European and Global community. The Best events provide us with a chance to get to know each other personally. Hence strengthening the circle of new new friends where we can share our experiences and plan future adventures together. I have simply applied for the Best Job in Europe because it fills me with happiness to not only travel for a year but also find friends in different corners of Europe, discover new adventures and on top of all earn $110,000.

Sandra (24 years old)

I have been backpacking with my friends across Europe like Spain and Italy and I love this feeling of life, where you are constantly on the move, experience new feelings, adventure and solve the challenges along the way. I want to learn it all that the life has to offer. I am thirsty for new knowledge and encounters. Hence, I feel the one year travel across Europe as the Best Job has been created for me. Apart from that, I also have a blog, which I have created two years ago and would like to use it to share my adventures and travel experiences with millions of followers.